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Black Friday / Cyber Monday 2017

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TechSmith 25% off (link)

Two decent bundles, for those hardcore Outlook users.

For syncing, sharing, backing up , de-duplicating and more.

site's main page

cyber monday link

1. bundle one - PST & OST mgmt utilities - regularly $239, now $49
PST & OST mgmt tools

2.  bigger bundle called "all you can eat plus" - regularly $579  , now $99
all u can eat +

In chatting with 4team, I asked if these were 1 year licenses or perpetual use licenses.
Seems the bundle's components get 12 months of updates normally.

Lifetime updates:

I was told you get to add a "lifetime upgrade option".
For the $49 MGMT BUNDLE it's an add'l $49.
Making the lifetime bundle [total cost breakdown]:  $49 cybermonday price + $49 lifetime add on = $99 total.

 For upgrading the All U can eat + bundle it is an add'l $149.       
So $99 cybermonday + $149 lifetime upgrade = $249

Expandrive is offering 40% off all licenses today only (Nov. 27, 2017)

SyncBack Pro and SE 25% off.  Includes upgrades.


Hostwinds is offering 70% off any hosting plan today only. You could get 3 years of hosting for ~$50 or so.


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