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Black Friday / Cyber Monday 2017

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It's that time of year again, and here are the usual suspects from my email/twitter:

* Scooter Software 20% off (link)
* Macrium 20-40% off (twitter post)
* AdGuard 50% off (link)

Add a PDF software to the list of BF deals !

Soda PDF PREMIUM PLAN, regularly $180 is now  80% off:
Just $36 a year.
Soda PDF PREMIUM , 80% OFF !

Ends in 3 days.

Electronic system design software

For 3 different programming choices:
1. ARM
2. AVR
3. PIC

As from their email notification:
Matrix are pleased to announce avery special offer for Black Friday!

This offer is available all week from 10am Wednesday 22th November until 12pm Wednesday 29th November 2017, UK time, so don't miss out!!

Follow the links below to view the offer on our website....
Offer available online only.
flowcode 7 - 50% off- coupon code BF2017

XYplorer Lifetime license is 50% off on Black Friday (sale will be done about 20 hours from my posting this):


Black Friday Sale 2017!

Black Friday is back! We offer the XYplorer Lifetime License Pro at 50% off:
It’s only US$ 39.95 instead of US$ 79.95!
--- End quote ---

PragmataPro (and other fonts by the same designer) are 40% off (link)


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