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Fixes Size Captor - How to with Minimum Key presses

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The standard region capture mode (non-redbox) for the latest versions of Screenshot Captor, has been greatly improved.  One of the new features is you can hit digit keys 1-9 to select your favorite region sizes.

Thanks for this added feature (1-9), it makes it very easy to do consecutive screenshots with minimal key presses:

ctrl+alt+(my key), choose 1 to 9 (if not using preset favorite), Enter

I also found that after the screenshot the red box remains in the same place ready for another screenshot or use arrow keys to move box.

Great work!

Glad you like the new feature.  I hope it will be useful for folks who often want to capture from a small list of preset sizes  :up:

And in case anyone missed it: After you select one of your favorite capture region sizes with the 1-9 keys, you can hold Alt key and drag to resize while preserving the aspect ratio.  So this feature should be useful also for people who often want to capture from a small list of preset aspect ratios.

It has been over a year since I used this great feature (toggle region capture through Favorite preset sizes) - It was me who requested the feature.

Unfortunately it seems I have managed to forget how to use the 0-9 keys, and re-reading the thread has not helped me.

The region capture window opens with my default preset - but pressing keys 0-9 does nothing. I know I am missing something obvious. - see screenshot attached.

It should be working. Things to check:

1. Check you have most recent version of Screenshot Captor running (v4.32?).
2. Check using the numeric keys at the top of your keyboard not just your number pad.
3. Check that their is nothing strange in your list of favorite dimensions that could be confusing it.. From what I can see they look fine..
4. Check that the other keyboard shortcuts work (R, Z, 0, etc.).


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