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Forum upgraded Nov 20, 2017

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I just updated the forum with new smf 2.015 release, and it forced me to move to some new forum code that I had written to work with the new dc cms server codebase before I was ready.
So there may still be some oddities on the forum -- if you see any going forward please let me know.

The good news is we are one step closer to moving to new website cms.

Great to be up to date, but why do the quoted messages look so ugly (yes that's a personal preference, but still..., brown accent color?, larger font?, large cursive quoted name/date-time?, enormous upside-down-quote added?)

I just updated the forum ...
-mouser (November 20, 2017, 08:43 PM)
--- End quote ---

screenshot of the above:

I thought that was an improvement, it's what I've been using for a while on the test cms site.. But I'm open to suggestions for how to make it look better.

We could put up a poll for that, maybe offering several available options (if any).

It may be caused by my age that I like the 'old' quote style more... :tellme:

I agree with Ath. The quoted text is more highlighted now than the actual message text.
I think quoted text should be subtle than the message text.




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