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Images pasted into onenote are half size

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I checked on Monday - yes the onenote is 2010-2016 version and it's the same notebook that I was using where it worked for a week or so. I generate weekly reports for a status meeting and copy/paste web pages into the notebook so we have a historical record of stats for each week. So it's the same procedure every week.
I checked on a brand new notebook stored locally and a variety of other onenotes, most of which are on Onedrive and all generate the same symptoms.
It's weird that Snagit works correctly but ScreenshotCaptor doesn't with the same capturing of the region.
As it's the office365 version of Office, the client might have upgraded to a different build. I just ran an update to get the latest version and we're now running at version 1708 Build 8431.2270 Click-to-Run.

In case it matters after post capture I have play capture sound, auto select active window, but not if full width/height, Filename Balloon tip, add border and add Drop shadow to image.

Well, the only thing I can think is that the newest upgrade version has somehow put the bug back in, or something.
I think you have checked everything else.
How annoying!

Yep. @mouser, do you have any ideas why screenshotccaptor is appearing as a different format on the clipboard to snsgit?

So this is now working this week oddly enough. The only thing that has changed is a possible office365 update (Now running Version 1803 build 9126.2259 CTR) and I also uninstalled Snagit.  I'm really hoping it was the office update and they don't break it in another update.

@absoblogginlutely: This sounds rather like a classic state of minor instability in an operational system that is in some form of constant dynamic change. (Not a steady state.)


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