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Images pasted into onenote are half size

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yep - it does....grrrrr
You can right click and restore images to original size or right click-g. Interesting that the select multiple images/ right-click g will resize all images to original size (which is what I want) but the right click - restore images will only do one image.

Using the onetastic addin I can select all images and then right-click g to get them all to resize.

I'm pretty happy now ;-)

@absoblogginlutely: ^^ Ahh, the penny just dropped. I think I understand a bit better now.

You are first copying the small images from the LHS Thumbnail Panel in SC and then pasting them into ON (OneNote) - yes?

IF you do that, then the as-pasted image will always/usually be smaller in ON, and will require re-sizing (making bigger)  - i.e., after it has been pasted into ON.

However, IF you click on and copy the image itself in the SC workspace, then it will paste as normal (default/correct size) into ON. Try it and see for yourself.

I rarely copy/paste from SC, and had to do it just now when trying to replicate the problem you seemed to be having.

I nowadays usually hold any/all the images I want to edit in SC as .PNG images in CHS (ClipboardHelp&Spell), and I view them there either in the CHS Clip Image tab or via irfanview (set as the default viewer in CHS) and edit them in SC (set as the default editor in CHS).
So the images are stored and edited in the images folder maintained by CHS, which folder can automatically be date-related.

The only problem I usually have there is with the appearance of some of the proprietary SC edited artefacts/FX in those edited .PNG images when pasted into ON.
The problem and a workaround for that are illustrated in the example below:
(Click to enlarge image.)
Images pasted into onenote are half size

Thanks Ian - Most of the time I don't actually touch Screenshot Captor - I just use my hotkey to select the region, select to onenote and press ctrl-c
That should then paste the selected region plus my border shadows into onenote at the full size (but onenote resizes).
If I select my full web page image (not from the thumbnails) and then paste into onenote it still puts it half size.
It's weird as the Onenote screen is wide enough to fit the image without scrolling AND the part of onenote for the text is also wide enough for the screen -
Screenshot below shows the image when pasted purely by pressing ctrl-v in onenote and then the same image pasted again and then "right click/g"'ed

Images pasted into onenote are half size

$absoblogginlutely: Thanks for that feedback. Now I understand a bit more about the problem.

When I use SC in the way you describe, the captured image pastes perfectly into ON. So I don't experience the problem as you do and cannot replicate it.
I am using ON 2016.

However, after doing some searching, I discovered that the problem you describe seems to be longstanding, and common. For example:
How can we improve OneNote for Windows?
? OneNote for Windows & Windows phone

Keep image size when pasting an image
Keep image size when pasting an image to a notebook. Right now we have to right-click and "restore to original size" on every image.
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I agree.... I do a lot of screenshots in my work and having to click restore to original size for every single one is making me consider using another program for notes after over 10 years in onenote!
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I use OneNote in my photography classes to upload completed projects. I ask students to resize their images to 800X800 at 72 DPI resolution and have created a table with one column and multiple rows to paste these images into. However the images all get resized smaller and as the post says, I have to right click each one and restore to original size. This small problem actually is very frustrating as if the student has 20 images for review then that is 20 times I have to do this for this one student, times 30-40 in each class.
Copied from: Keep image size when pasting an image - Welcome to OneNote and Sticky Notes Suggestion Portal! - <>

--- End quote ---

I came across this possible solution:
(The text is copied into the spoiler below the image.)

SpoilerResetting the paste formatting defaults:
1. Copy several words to clipboard: e.g., This is a test
   - Right-click somewhere on a OneNote page.
   - Under Paste Options, select the first icon --> Keep Source Formatting (K).
   - This pastes the clipboard contents to OneNote (happens when you select Keep Source Formatting (K). ).
   This will paste: This is a test
2. Select the little drop-down menu that appears next to the pasted text:
3. Select "Set as Default Paste":
4. Try to copy/paste an image again.
     (The as-copied formatting should persist on pasting, without resizing.)
      Copied from:

Ian - this works!!!!!!

Thank you so much for taking the time to research and find this. It will make my workflow so much more efficient.


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