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Images pasted into onenote are half size

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...Is it the way the image is being copied into the clipboard?
-absoblogginlutely (June 13, 2018, 07:20 AM)
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Actually, that's a rather interesting Q.
I mean, the PASTE function (with formatting) should work, but, if it doesn't, then what is in the clipboard could conceivably make a difference.
The Q then might be: What have you got in the clipboard?

I always use @mouser's CHS (Clipbord Help & Spell). I also use AHK (Autohotkey), and I can paste the last item copied to the Clipboard as either:

* (a) RTF (Rich Text Format) - which pastes whatever was last in the Clipboard (including image(s) and/or text), AS-IS., or
* (b) plain text (just the text, with no images or formatting)
There's a lot of stuff (formatting and images) in the Clipboard that actually never gets to be saved in CHS, once a new COPY/CUT is made to the Clipboard.

There are a couple of ways I know of that enable the user to save and analyse or "see" what has actually been going through the Clipboard:
(i) NirSoft Clipboardic - <>
(ii) The last Beta of NoteFrog <>. (Now apparently back under development).

Clipboardic shows the following - the first entry is Screenshotcaptor automatically copying the image to the clipboard -
The 2-5 entries are Snagit pasting entries.
Not sure why Snagit copies 3 times but the type of media looks to be the same

Well, we know that the possible fix that I mentioned above actually worked and was persistent. But we don't know why it ceased to work the next day or since. So something must have been changed.
We also know that the problem is not experienced by all ON users - e.g., it simply ain't a problem for me and I can't replicate it.


* Is the ON Notebook where you implemented the fix the same Notebook as where you are now experiencing the problem again? If it's a different Notebook, then the test needs to continue with the Notebook where you implemented the fix.
* Is that Notebook on OneDrive or the client PC, or has it been moved from one to the other?
* Is the Notebook in the OneNote 2010-2016 format? (Right-click it and look in the Properties).
Meanwhile, I shall play around with some images in ON ...

Thanks for the continuing work on this Ian. I can't get the original fix to work on most/any of the notebooks now - I'll have to try it on the original notebook on Monday when I'm back at work.  I have tons of Onenote notebooks that I use - most of them are (and have been for almost a year) on Sharepoint. They are 2016 versions - I'll run some checks on a variety of notebooks next week and report back.

...most of them [OneNote Notebooks] are (and have been for almost a year) on Sharepoint ...
-absoblogginlutely (June 15, 2018, 05:03 AM)
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Ah, now that might be significant, I'm not sure.
Ideally (to maintain consistency/integrity), you probably need to ensure that you continue the testing using the exact same same client and Notebook as was originally used for the successful fix.
Just checking: You are using OneNote running within MS Office Pro on that client - right?


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