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Images pasted into onenote are half size

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Somehow, most of the time when I do a capture (with automated border and drop shadow) and then paste the image into Onenote, my images are about 50% of the original screen as per the screenshot attached.
This makes some of the images hard to read.
Any ideas why this would be the case? I looked to see if I had an option to resample the size by 50% but I am not seeing it...
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This can be fixed going forward by changing the internally stored DPI of captured screenshots -- go to the "Image File Format" tab and change the dpi (try 96 if it's higher).
This should fix NEW screenshots but not older ones.

More info here:

Let me know if that helps.

As a confirmed user of the excellent SC (ScreenshotCaptor) and the excellent ON (OneNote), I'd make 4 points here  - based on what you wrote - that may be of use:

* If you are using the desktop version of ON and if you want your screen captures to go to a ON Notebook (on SharePoint, OneDrive or Desktop), then you might be going about image capture in a somewhat constipated manner.

* Using SC to save images into ON is a constipated method. That is because ON has its own excellent screen clipping tool (Hotkey = Win+Shift+S), which will save the selected area into the default (as set by the user) ON Notebook section. As soon as it does that, the clip image will be OCRed and indexed for for readable text (make sure that is set On in settings) and you are able to drag the image itself by the lower RH corner to a smaller/larger size. Similarly, if you paste an image into ON, you are able to drag the image to a smaller/larger size.

* That clip also goes to the Clipboard. If you have also installed @mouser's excellent CHS (Clipboard Help & Spell), then you may have some kind of image editing & management Nirvana within reach. This requires you to be using ON, CHS, SC, and something like Irfanview. For a detailed explanation, refer: Re: Modify your screen capture/management tools for optimum efficiency of use.

* If you are usually image-clipping selected areas of Excel tables, then consider inserting the Excel file into ON, by saving it as a table. It appears as a table in ON (uses OLE - Object Linking and Embedding). You can get a relevant section of the spreadsheet to show as a ON table, which, if you click it, will start you into editing the embedded Excel file. Note that this is a copy of the original Excel file you were working with, but it can be very handy having it in a ON Notebook as other users can share and dynamically access and update it collaboratively. For more info on ON usage, refer: Microsoft OneNote - some experiential Tips & Tricks

My apologies if this seems confusing. It actually works really well and entails minimal-efforts working, but some people might find it confusing initially. It took  me a while to work it out, but it now seems obvious to me. It will probably be worth making the effort to understand it though - step-by-step - as it could save you a mountain of effort and time, over time. It's really mostly about the simplification of work processes and improvement of ergonomics.

Thought I had replied on this....
I use SC so that I get the fancy border and shading around my images to get an image that stands out in a document. This way an image like Images pasted into onenote are half size doesn't bleed and appear like Images pasted into onenote are half size which can bleed into the surrounding background.

My DPI was originally set to 96. I set it to 75 and the images are still showing up tiny in Onenote.
Attachment3 shows a forum post with Onenote's screencap of the image.
Images pasted into onenote are half size

I typically just screencap all my images  to files and then once I have captured all the images I then drag and drop them into Onenote where they all show up nicely formatted and in the correct order (as long as my file names are sorted correctly)

any other ideas/suggestions please?


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