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if you want to give me a free GB and score a free GB for yourself by referral link.
-wraith808 (November 15, 2017, 05:03 PM)
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went for this: got 12GB (havent installed yet)

And I think Deo was referring to OneDrive Files-on-demand.-wraith808 (November 16, 2017, 07:09 AM)
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Yes, it seems I was:

Windows 10 was a big improvement over Windows 8.1 in most important ways, but it made a big change to the way OneDrive syncing worked. In Windows 8.1, you could see all the files you had stored in OneDrive, but the operating system would only actually download and open the file when you needed to open it. At least for PCs that usually have Internet connections, this was a neat way to offer cloud file syncing without consuming gigabytes of space for infrequently used files on every computer you were signed into.

But the behavior could be error-prone—apps could attempt to open the placeholder files created by OneDrive rather than the files themselves—and it could create confusion about which files were actually available offline. So in the initial releases of Windows 10, Microsoft changed the behavior to be more Dropbox-esque. All OneDrive files are now downloaded to your PC when you sign in, though as with Dropbox you can choose to only sync selected folders based on what you need to have available at all times.

In the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, OneDrive will change yet again. "OneDrive Files On-Demand" restores the old "placeholder" concept from Windows 8.1, but with improved handling of placeholder files and tweaked Windows Explorer integration that makes it clearer what's going on. Because downloading and opening those placeholder files is now handled by the filesystem driver rather than a shell extension, you should no longer run into problems where apps try to open the placeholders instead of the actual files—any app, including the command line, will be able to trigger a file download, making the experience more seamless and reliable.-
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They're doing an offer at the moment: 'Lifetime' one-time-payment (in euros) -- 500GB/€125 or 2TB/€250

Not of interest to me personally, but it's an interesting idea, a one-off payment. Course it is a bit of a gamble...
I'd be curious btw what that offer is in other currencies, especially $US ?

When I click on it it says


This is what I see when I click on it, then when I click through.



That's for the special offer.  I see the 500GB/$125 or 2TB/$250.  So I guess they change it depending on your local currency?


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