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Mini review: The Journal

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As far as I know, TJ is db-based, but it does not allow for 1 item to be in several "folders" though: no "cloning".

Except perhaps for the journalling function, so any item is (but just once) in some "folder" system of the user's choice, AND to be retrieved by the day of its creation (but NOT also by the day of its "ToDo" = "I must do something about it that day, e.g. with regards to some meeting" or such)?

So there is no second/multiple entry/ies in the main table, neither in the, second, (assumed by me) "items-by-date" table?

Underlying db = SQLite, as usual for PIMs now?

If my assumptions are right, how could anybody tout this program, considering the fact that no db-based should ever dare be marketed without cloning facility in 2018 (ie more than 20 years after cloning items was available in not one but several db-based PIMs even then)?

Of course, if you do your reviews from the users' perspective, you never get free licenses...

Of course, if you do your reviews from the users' perspective, you never get free licenses...
-ital2 (October 17, 2018, 09:22 AM)
--- End quote ---

A bit disingenuous, considering that he won it, then trialed it, and only then reviewed it.  I used it for several years, and didn't need that functionality, and recommend this software.  And I paid for it.  YMMV.

I don't think it is a function of a mainly journal, writing program to be a sort of tagging, cloning one. The todo feature of The Journal doesn't take it all the way there either and I wasn't really expecting it to personally. I would go for full fledged PIMs like RightNote for that kind of flexibility.

As for my very mini review, I just wanted to do a small part for DC and The Journal itself after winning the copy. Definitely room to write a longer review but alas...


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