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New faster Firefox browser released

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Interesting and articulate post at which seems to pretty much nail it for Firefox: Here’s Why Firefox Quantum Is The New IE6
(Copied below sans embedded hyperlinks/images.)
By Shivanand Sharma, 18 Nov, 2017

So Firefox just updated itself. And here’s a note by none other than Chris Beard, the CEO of Mozilla.
[@IanB note: Image here is of the CEO's message, which, amongst the seeming platitudes and meaningless clichés appears  to say two-fifths of five tenths of SFA.]

I have just a few points to make:

* Firefox killed IE6 and became the most popular browser.
* 10 years later Firefox has become the new IE6.
* Google Chrome is the new king.
* Firefox became a clone of Chrome. Mozilla lost sponsorship of Google. Lack of funds means cutting down on business. Not much to pay anyone. So take chromium source and repack it as Firefox.
* Firefox lost all USPs primary of which was that it was everyone’s own browser: Firefox looked unique on every PC it was installed on… pretty much like how each Linux desktop is unique. Now you can’t customize it much.
* As far as speed is concerned, Firefox from 10 years back runs faster than Firefox 57 on today’s hardware.
* And for all the speed gains touted, it’s still a poor catch-up show with Chrome and an utter failure at that.
* For all the new source code copied from Chromium and ported to Firefox, you’ll need to re-build and finish this browser from scratch for all the bugs you’ve inherited and introduced during this plagiarization.
So why use a browser that’s a clone of a better performer out there? Have any reasons?

Moral: Choose your CEO’s wisely lest they close shop.

Copied from: Here's Why Firefox Quantum Is The New IE6 - <>
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Pale Moon has just released Basilisk, described as:

A XUL-based web-browser demonstrating the Unified XUL Platform (UXP).
This browser is a close twin to pre-Servo Firefox in how it operates.

Clearly designed to provide the closest possible alternative for those Firefox users not willing to trade customization for speed, but also offering a path forward for XUL based extensions.

Basilisk 64 installs in Program Files\Basilisk. Yet it tells me to close Basilisk before launching Basilisk, and the only thing running was Firefox!
Because of this, I have removed it again, before closing Firefox.

I tried the portable version (the zipped version) from Basilisk in combination with the portable version of Firefox on my system. Both worked fine and independently from each other, because each uses a different user profile folder.

The installed versions of these browsers were more than likely trying to control the same user profile folder.

The installed versions of these browsers have the advantage that these can create a separate user profile folder for each Windows user account on your computer. The portable versions can only use the user profile folder inside their own folder, regardless of the Windows user account you start these versions up in.

According to this Mozilla page you can use the parameter: -P <fill in a profile name>   to start FireFox (or Basilisk) with a different user profile. That way you can still use both browsers without them getting into a fight over who is allowed to access the standard user profile folder (for the current Windows account you have logged into).

v57 feels less of a resource hog, this is the first time I have been able to say this about Firefox. But I have only used it briefly, will see if it lasts.

-rgdot (November 15, 2017, 08:54 AM)
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The big use case that rips apart both Pale Moon and Sub-56 copies of FireFox for me is the hour long music mixes. I'm starting to get clusters of good recommendations, and these begin to chew up memory.

Brief glance, the new one looks multi-process, much like Vivaldi (also something I'm testing!). So I haven't pushed FireFox 57 to the hilt because it hasn't played nice with Dexpot virtualizer for some time now, and the v57 added a new bug.  :/

I'll try to remember to report in when I take a weekend and just do my thing but purposely load it all into FF.


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