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New faster Firefox browser released

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v57 feels less of a resource hog, this is the first time I have been able to say this about Firefox. But I have only used it briefly, will see if it lasts.

Who has tried it and has some thoughts?
-mouser (November 15, 2017, 01:58 AM)
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Freshly installed -- most of my addons no longer work (FWIW I haven't used Firefox much in the last while).
It is being *very* responsive -- with just two active extensions anyways :-)

The big test for me is video -- Firefox has been a disaster for years in terms of watching video -- fullscreen especially.
That seems to be resolved now.
Might say more later..


With the links above you have an overview from the state of the most popular FF add-ons and a place where you might find an alternative for use in FF 57.
-Shades (November 15, 2017, 06:47 AM)
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Thanks Shades :)



Could imagine sticking with it.

Some odd things:

* I'm unable to get it to start with 'Windows & tabs from last time' (option is greyed out). And there's no decent session manager addon yet.
* History not working here -- is blank (can be changed in options >Privacy)
* Unfocused tabs are transparent here (Windows 7 w. a transparent theme) so unreadable with dark desktop behind
EDIT// #1 is available when #2 option is changed.

Well, I've been 'improving' the minimum tab-width on my updated FF installs, as the default of 76px is quite narrow, so IMHO quite a silly default value (read: not really backward compatible).
And I've been a bit disappointed that even popular add-ons like NoScript don't have their updates available yet, while the release-date of this breaking FF version has been announced many moons ago. But that may just be me, working in the software industry for 30+ years. Planning has been flawed/poor for many developers (including myself ;D)


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