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[SOLVED] A Shortkey Win-5 (in the numpad) under w8.1

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... 0. Listary. As long as i can remember is a paid option and I prefer now freeware...
-Contro (September 01, 2017, 03:42 PM)
--- End quote ---
I re-read this thread as it came up as a search result for something I was looking for. I noticed the above-quoted statement of yours about Listary and thought I should let you know that the basic Listary is, in fact, $FREE, whilst the Pro version is $PAID.

The $FREE version is perfectly useful for my purposes, though I find Listary itself to be too intuitive/invasive in use - it keeps sort of "getting in the way", anticipating what I am typing about, and so, rather than having it running all the time, I tend to only enable it for short periods when I specifically need to use some of its unique/peculiar features.


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