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Quick Website Blocker

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What else does it bring for that size? It's rather large at nearly 2 MB (imho). Is that because of the development environment used?
-Ath (April 13, 2015, 01:25 PM)
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Maybe that's the debug build.

2 MB is an ordinary filesize for a small application written in Lazarus.

Because people will inevitably want to undo actions, and see what's been changed, a nice feature would be to add a button to open the hosts file in notepad, so user can see and remove entries, etc.

So far, quickwebsiteblocker.exe downloaded & installed okay. The app accepted and listed a site for blocking. But when I tried to revisit the unwanted website's home page, it was not blocked. This was in WinXP Home w/Pale Moon, and Seamonkey.


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