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When is a raven like a writing desk?

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Maybe I missed it, but it seemed to me that neither the article nor the video explained what about the change caused the AI to see the turtle as a rifle. :huh:
-Deozaan (November 07, 2017, 04:05 PM)
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They didn't detail what the change was, but if you watch the video, notice the changes in the model.  The size is slightly larger, and there are weird color swirls on the shell sections, and some spiral markings on the underside, as well as two holes.  I suspect those color swirls and markings were precisely engineered to produce an "adversarial example".  Kinda like how changing just a few pixels in a QR code can represent a completely different batch of information.


One interesting thing here is I am reminded of a gripe I used to have about the Loebner AI tests - when I last looked at that stuff about 5 years ago, the testers often set about "hard abusing" the "black box replier" with semi-bogus questions "knowing they were in a Loebner test".

I got grumpy because it seemed few / none of the entrants had put in "anti-troll" code to deal with stuff like that. To me, anti-troll code should be fairly easy to write, because the bogus questions are often bogus, so "truncate low" with a defensive sweep like "scan nouns and compare class - why is a cake and the Queen in the same sentence?"

Same idea here - unlike those animorph pics as joke memes, to the human eye this is "clearly a turtle" so maybe use 3 scan algs and they should all "converge on the answer and if not, kick it to a decider module".


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