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How to expand laptop storage?

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It's an mSATA SSD, go buy a bigger one.

Is there some philosophical reason it always takes half a dozen posts before we get enough information?

-4wd (November 12, 2017, 06:52 PM)
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Well, I started the thread having in mind a portable storage device, as I didn't expect my laptop to be upgradable!

Replacing the SSD on that particular laptop is actually pretty easy, if you are reasonably good at hardware maintenance.  If in doubt, a competent repair technician should be able to do it in less than an hour. has detailed instructions for replacing components in the Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 20175.


I want to expand my medicre 128GB laptop storage.
I bought a 128GB USB but I need more and I don't find cheap USB that are compact so that I have them always connected.

My next guess is an SD card.

I found some reasonable deals:

Are they reliable? Can they stay connected for years and act like a hard drive?
Should I go for a microSD with adapter or an SD?


Buy a new hard disk as big as your budget allows. Clone the content of the current hard disk onto the new hard disk and you are done. Find more budget for a 2.5" USB enclosure and you can re-purpose your current hard disk as a portable hard disk. That is your best option.

Because SD cards are more often than not slow. I would not want to use those as a hard disk, as their main purpose is storage only. And big size SD cards are just as expensive as buying a decent new SSD hard disk 2 times or even 4 times the size you have now.

If you get a high-speed SD card, it's pretty good.  I use one in my surface and XPS, as on both of those I can't upgrade the hard drive or it's the largest capacity.  I don't notice a difference in most day to day tasks.


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