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Fight back email scams with Rescam

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As per this article, simply forward your spam to [email protected]

Interesting article on this:

Hope it's the beginning of the end for spammers.

I wish I knew about this service sooner. I've always just ignored all the scam emails I get, since they all go straight to my junk mail folder. I've seen a few Nigerian scams in there. The next time I notice a scam email in my junk mail folder, I'm gonna have to try out rescam.

@dantheman: Thanks! :Thmbsup:
Potentially very useful, [email protected] made me smile, but the "Lenny" call had me LOL several times.
Brilliantly simple.
Reminds me of a firewall monitor I once used (called "Blackhawk", or something) that intercepted hackers auto-pinging the modem, logged the sending IP address and started sending a stream of pings right back. Kept them busy for hours.

A drop of relief in a sea of stupidities...

A drop of relief in a sea of stupidities...
-dantheman (November 27, 2017, 08:05 AM)
--- End quote ---

no comprende - where's the drop of relief?


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