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PIM-related Mini-Reviews ("also-ran").

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This post was originally included in the OP of 2015-12-12, but I have removed it so that the OP can be used as an index to the software mentioned in this discussion thread.

Essential PIM Pro - Mini-Review ("also-ran").
I have put an image of my notes from OneNote below, and below that I have pasted in a spoiler just the accumulated text (for searching/indexing and extraction of text and links) from the OneNote notes.

The text is in the spoiler:
Spoiler      Essential PIM Pro (v6.5.4.0 dated 2015-08-12) - brief review.
      2015-09-18: It was for sale at a good discount, so I trialled it. Conclusions below.
      2015-09-18 17:20 - Screen Clipping

              1. General: Overall is so-so. Not all that great as a PIM (e.g., not better than InfoSelect 8, which is pretty dated).
              2. Stability: During the brief trial, I noticed no problems, long pauses or crashes, so it seemed pretty stable.
              3. Ergonomics and GUI: A bit kludgy in use/navigation and search, so not for me.
              4. HTML (web page capture): It made very poor (pretty useless) copies of html web pages, which point made the tool useless for my requirements.
              5. Untested:
                      a. Has sticky notes, which could be useful, but I did not test that feature (not a requirement of mine).
                      b. Apparently supposed to have good Integration with Outlook (e.g., it copied all the Contacts), but I could not get it to access my account and I gave up, so this integration remains untested.
              6. Very good: It made a list of all of my contact details that it found stored in Outlook and I exported this (potentially very useful) list to an Excel spreadsheet.
              7. Made these notes so as to avoid wasting any more time on this product in future.
      Contact Us   (from Help file - EssentialPIM.chm)
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