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Happy Thanksgiving to DonationCoder folks - 2017


Well another year has come and gone, and I am once again thankful to all of the DC folks for your company.
I hope everyone will take a moment and remember the small things that make life more enjoyable.

I'm doing a little bit of cooking and visiting with some friends to play board games.  Anyone else in the US celebrating the Thanksgiving holiday?

Happpy Thanksgiving

It looks like a sunny nice day is what is on here in Miami for today.  Unfortunately when living outside the fewer things open the fewer resources available during hollidays and school rrecesses.  But no rain is always a cheer  up.

I should be able to Youtube segments of the NFL games later.  So something to do there.  I really mis having access to a good desktop PC.  Even forum participation is a chore on these little device.  Programming is not feasible so I busy myself watching sitcoms and movies on stream services cheap enough for me to afford.

The saving grace is public libraries are open this Saturday.  Enough of a boost to make it to Monday.

The Celtics win streak came to an end here last night.  Funny but have never seen an NBA game live that was not played in the old Boston Garden.  One of these days I will have to see about ending that streak.

Happy Holliday everyone,   :P

Stoic Joker:
Happy Thanksgiving all!

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!  And safe travels for those traveling!


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