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Undesirable interaction between CHS and Open Office

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This is not necessarily a bug with CHS and is perhaps more likely a bug with OO.

For a good long while, I've noticed that Open Office will hang. I use OO Text Writer, and Spreadsheet, and the problem happens with both.

After investigating, I discovered that OO is hanging when accessing the clipboard (cut/paste), and further investigating determined that most of the time OO is freezing (not responsive) and will become responsive again after (literally) 1 minute or more. It seems that sometimes OO is hanging and requires to be killed and restarted, although it is possible it will return after waiting much longer, I'm just not that patient, usually.

I also discovered that when OO freezes, usually CHS freezes (becomes unresponsive), as well.

I find that if I "Disable" CHS before starting OO, the freezing/hanging issue seems to NOT happen anymore. Perhaps it still does happen sometimes, but I haven't seen it.

So, it's a small possibility the problem is in CHS, but I'd guess the problem is more likely with OO. I haven't seen this problem using CHS with other programs.

In any case, I don't know how easy or how long it would take to troubleshoot this, but perhaps a previously requested feature for CHS would help for using CHS (with OO) in the meantime... That would be to give CHS the ability to disable itself when OO is running and has the clipboard (active). (same for when any other selected programs are running and active.)

Thanks for the report, sosimple.

I have a distinct memory of this problem with Open Office at some point -- I just can't remember what the fix was.  I wonder why it is happening again..

Here are some threads:

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It has something to do with CHS and Open Office getting into some loop fighting over the clipboard..

I do see in CHS code to work around the open office bug -- it looks for the process soffice.exe or soffice.bin.

Is it possible that your open office has a different exe filename and that's why it's failing?  Can you check your process name for your open office?

I've been having the same symptoms with LibreOffice (x64) and CHS v2.39.0 on Win7 x64

It doesn't happen every time, either. For a while I thought it was an autosave problem  :-[

I've had CHS 2.39 installed since Feb.2017.
I updated to LO in Sept.2017 which roughly corresponds to when I started noticing the problem, so I'd agree with sosimple that its an OO/LO problem.

LO filenames are:
scalc.exe -> soffice.exe -> soffice.bin

and all are 64bit per Process Hacker.
Undesirable interaction between CHS and Open Office

I'll have to try the CHS v2.42 "clipboard monitoring toggle hotkey" to see if it can be used as a 'workaround'.

soffice.exe and soffice.bin are in CHS as processes to look for to do special workarounds to avoid this bad behavior.
But scalc.exe is not.. I wonder if this could be fixed just by adding scalc.exe to my list of bad behaving clipboard apps inside CHS?


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