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CHS - Insert Prefix before copied text


Hello all,


i am trying to insert some text before each line of COPIED text

I select text
it inserts the prefix text
i paste it

is there a basic example to show me how.

Also any youtube videos of CHS availible?

On mobile i cant see the screen casts at all, on desktop fire fox no screen cast shows something about a plugin

You can do this using a Modify Format/Case preset.  You just configure what text to add as a prefix, then optionally set a hotkey to make it really easy to apply, then save it.

Then just select your text in any program, and trigger the Formatting Preset (either via hotkey or via the quick paste menu under T-Formatting Presets); it will copy the text selected by you, then modify it, then repaste it back in.

I'll try to make a video tutorial next week if this isn't enough info -- I'm just really busy next couple of days on the DC fundraiser preparations.

Try also CHS Options -> Paste Template:

Hello M and Iain,

I managed to figure it out at last.

I should have read the text on the intro of the format page.
I was looking everywhere for the Presets, it was at the top of the window

Then i Saved it and

Later when I pressed my hotkey it worked

oh yes please do make some tutorials for youtube as this is a powerful app , but i dont know how to use it,
so it just gathers dust while i manually toil


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