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Clip H&S's interaction with MSFT Word?

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Hmm... I'm having a very similar issue but for me - it is pasting items that were copied BEFORE my last reboot/restore that is not working.  Anything copied since the last boot/restore seems to paste in just fine.  This is not working for me anywhere in the system... firefox/chrome or notepad.  If I copy something new, it pastes just fine.  However, older items will not paste.  I hear the beep for the copy.. so I know it is copying ok... but ctrl-V or Edit-Paste don't work.

Using the latest version of CHS...  help!?!

*EDIT* - ok.. I think I see what happened... somehow - the actual TEXT of the clips were deleted... so, even though they appear in my favorites list - the actual text is missing.  IE: When I choose to open the main window and click one of the older clips - the Excerpt shows part of the clip.. but the actual text is missing.  The newer items show the text in the Memo box as well as the excerpt... I'll try to pull back the files from a recent backup.

**EDIT** Ok.. was able to get a backup file from January off my C: drive Image and all is well again... strange!!


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