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Sending PageDown command in Post Capture CommandLine option

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I've searched this Forum in vain, trying to find a way to simply send a PgDn command after a Screen Capture. Just can't seem to find the solution. Certainly I am not the first one trying to do that. The idea is to capture each page of a pdf document on full screen mode. For each page I must trigger a Screen Capture and than trigger a Page Down. And loop like this for over 560 pages. Each extra PgDn button to press is cumbersome and could be avoided if I could arrange ScreenShot Captor to send a PgDn to Acrobat for automatically changing the page after the capture is done. Even better I could AutoCapture the pages and than send a PgDn. This would minimize human intervention to a simple start. So, basically, the question would be : How can I send a PgDn key to Acrobat using the Post Capture CommandLine tool ? Or, is there another way to do this ?
Thanks for your help

I would use acrobat to save the pdf as separate pictures, but what is the sense of making pictures of 560 pdf-pages?

Sorry, missed the command line bit. (i.e. ignore this post)

You have some options.

First things first, Screenshot Captor might not be your best bet -- you could possibly more easily script MiniCap, the commandline brother of Screenshot Captor.
That still leaves you having to script something that can send PgDown to your pdf reader window.  AutoHotKey would be a good solution and there are some expert AHK scripters here that could help.

Another alternative to MiniCap would be my Automatic Screenshotter tool.  Configured properly you wouldn't even ever have to trigger the captures since they would happen automatically every time the window contents changed.  With it running you might even find that you could simply press PgDown yourself manually repeatedly since that's all you'd ever have to do.

But again, AHK would make easy work of sending the PgDown key to the reader repeatedly.

The scrolling capture feature of Screenshot Captor should get you what you want to achieve, but it will produce 1 very long image file.

Combining the commandline version of Screenshot Capture (minicap) with my WinSendKeys could produce you a screenshot per page, it'll require some experimenting, but you'll get there :up:


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