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How to automate batch proportional resize and hosting of captures ...


Please forgive me if this is OT.  I hope you are not offended.  But Mouser, you have so much expertise in this topic I was hoping you may know something that can help with this.

I love SC.  It is a work of art.  But I don't think it can do batch operations.  So I can use it for the captures, but not the rest I don't think.

I find I am regularly doing the following operation and I'm looking for a way to automate/simplify it:

1. Capturing multiple screenshots and saving them in a folder.

2. Batch converting the saved screenshots to an equal width (allowing the length to adjust automatically to keep the aspect ratio the same).

3. Batch uploading the resized screenshots to an image hosting site where I can get the direct links to the images.

The ultimate ultimate would be to do it all in one step.  Capture the screenshots and have them automatically resize when captured and sent to the host.  But that's a lot to ask.

So I think realistically the best I can hope for is a 2 step process.   And the best I've been able to do to make this faster and easier is to use an online image host that can upload multiple images at a time and resize them (basically combining steps 2 and 3 above).

There are some sites that sort of do this.  But all the ones I know of have flaws.

So far I have found sites that do some things but not others.  Very few that do proportional resizing on multiple images upon upload.  The closest I've come to that is which is perfect except for the fact that it doesn't seem to give you a direct link to the image!  DRATS!!!

Another one, that I really love is  It would be perfect if it did proportional resizing.  But it only seems to offer a list of fixed heights and widths.   DOUBLE DRATS!!!!!

So I have not found any good way to further automate this process.

Any thoughts in that direction would be much appreciated!  :)

I think one the image processing tools by our member vlastimil can help you get your workflow/batch process right:
For uploading there are many available, usually dependent on the service you want to use, I didn't research that.

ImageMagick is a really good scriptable tool for resizing and manipulation:

This thread may be of help (the focus is just resizing though)
Batch Image Resizing Without Losing Quality


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