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Show name of printer in popup box

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Not yet..

I realize I have asked you this for months now, and you have added numerous improvements to your program, but not this simple request.
Is there any way to either:
1.  show the name of the current printer in the popup box, or
2.  add an option when printing any capture, the windows printer box opens so I can choose the printer.
As I explained before, I use numerous printers and have often printed captures to the wrong printer, wasting time, expensive paper and ink.
You recommended a dozen other screenshot programs, and I have tried most of them.
They don't hold the proverbial candle to yours, but several of them allow choice of printer in a popup box.
Please let me know if you are able to add this minor addition.
Thank you.

On 11/2017, you stated:

Ok I understand now -- you occasionally print to your color printer in SC, and then in the future when you print from SC, you want it to remind you that it's now set to print to color printer so you can change that.  Or alternatively always reset back to default printer after each print.  Let me see what I can do.

I would truly appreciate this.

Your problem belongs to Microsoft not to Mouser. It calls standard Windows Print Dialog, not a selfmade one.
I suggest you install a Printer-Driver that show an Notification Icon to switch default device.

I do not think yuu understand my request.  Mouser is aware but has not implemented it yet.
I am simply inquiring when he is likely (or not) to do so.
thank you for your reply,


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