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Show name of printer in popup box

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Ok I understand now -- you occasionally print to your color printer in SC, and then in the future when you print from SC, you want it to remind you that it's now set to print to color printer so you can change that.  Or alternatively always reset back to default printer after each print.

Let me see what I can do.

Yes!  or both...

Thank you for being so responsive!

Let me know if an when you have made these improvements...

Is there any chance you will put the printer name in the popup box?
You latest update does not include it.
I have not looked for another screenshot program because yours is better than the others, but you also recommended I look for another.
Does this mean you have no intention of putting the active printer name in the popup box?

Sorry it's taken me so long, I will try to add it asap.

Thanks!  Please message me when it happens!  :)


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