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Show name of printer in popup box

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Dear cranioscopical,
I apologize to the forum members if I seemed discourteous.
This program is worlds better than any similar one, so I use it daily.
My problem is there is no option to show the current printer, nor is there one to each time reset the printer to the default, if it were changed previously.
Using multiple large format printers on occasion can be costly, and inadvertently printing to what was thought to be a b&w laser occasionally results in a costly mistake.
I have been asking mouser to add either one of these options.
Thanks to c.gingerich, I have a temporary workaround.
I am just hoping it could be made permanent by integrating it into the program.

Updated CurrentPrinter and made it a NANY entry. No longer changes the printer dialog title. You can see your list of printers and set a new one via tray icon menu.

Very elegant, and great for general use
Forgive the recurring question, but is it still possible to have the actual ScreenshotCaptor program integrate showing the current printer (as you had done with the original CurrentPrinter.exe)?
That would be most appreciated, as no 2nd program would need to be run, ant the actual print popup window shows the current printer.
Many thanks in advance.

Just rename previos .exe to SC_ShowPrinterName.exe or similar and run it. Should work, not tested by me.

It does work.  Would be nice to integrate it into SC, though.


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