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Show name of printer in popup box

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Thanks!  Please message me when it happens!  :)
-omegadoc (March 21, 2018, 02:27 PM)
--- End quote ---
I cant speak for mouser, but always think that's a bit of a foolish approach, hoping someone will not only do something for you, but then also go out of their way to contact you about it. I know it's commonly seen: but I suspect the people making that request have little success.

One solution would be to subscribe to the thread, you will get notification of new posts -- either make a new post, click 'Preview', (or edit your post), and tick 'Notify of replies' below the text field.
Or just get Screenshot Captor to check for updates on Startup (preferences).

Well, mr tomos,
I apologize if what I posted offended you.
I make no assumptions of replies.
Mouser happens to be very prompt with his replies and is very respectful of his followers.

It's not a problem BUT tomos advice is much better -- to click NOTIFY on this thread so you will automatically be notified by mail if I reply to this thread with an update.

I've done that previously!
As I told him, sometimes I forget I'm in a forum because you are always so responsive.
Looking forward to the update.
Thank you,

Hi.  Just updated.  I thought I saw in the update window that you included my request but I do not see it.


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