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NANY 2018 Release (preliminary alpha-or-so): ymarks

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Ah, that explains the support request on Twitter.


A browser extension is only available for Google Chrome, but it may work in Firefox as well.
--- End quote ---


Well, they almost got it right.  ;D

I have set this up on Firefox (still the Japanese super toilet of web browsers despite a few mistakes) after backing up my bookmarks
I am not sure if I want to do this yet but is there any server UI to put the SQLite database in a specific folder (in my case a folder that syncs to Dropbox)? I'm running the server locally to one of my computers.

Side Note: Avast told me it was safe but dropped it in the litter box or whatever they call it anyway (Virus Chest). Yet when I went to the Virus Chest to release it, nothing was there. Got it sorted, though (added an exclusion to the folder I extracted it to and rebooted).  :up:

No, there is no UI for that. You can change it in the constants.h file if you wish. Or use hardlinks.

OK. thanks!

The spirit of open etc.:
I got a pull request, fixing all known problems with both the Firefox and the Chrome versions. Ha!


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