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Good bye Firefox

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I know you were just joshin'  ;)
Guys here at DCF are always fun to work with.

Guess it's been quite some time since i last took Palemoon for a ride.

Guess it's been quite some time since i last took Palemoon for a ride.
-dantheman (October 30, 2017, 07:33 PM)
--- End quote ---

I use PaleMoon as my defualt browser.
The one thing it's not good at (nor was Firefox) is that is eats lots of CPU when watching video (e.g. youtube, whatever). And even more when full screen.
Internet Explorer can do this properly: I even looked at the possibility of changing to IE but missed too much (couldnt find much in terms of add-ons).

FWIW the latest Firefox (well, a recent update -- sry cant remember which) improved cpu usage when watching video. But then we're back with the extensions problem...

EDIT// I dont have a graphic card on either machine here -- maybe the experience is better with one.

@tomos - have you tried Slimbrowser (built on IE)?

Still happy with Palemoon (forum is always a huge plus too!).  :Thmbsup:

Just putting in a warm word for Waterfox.

With its update to 55.2.2 (Oct '17), it now has its own separate location for profile folders.

Concerned about the impending add-on change in FF 57, I've just now moved over to WF. If you copy and paste your profiles from FF location to WF location, and then make sure that the profiles.ini in WF has the same contents as the FF profiles.ini, you'll be reproducing, in WF, all your settings, add-ons, bookmarks. It would be worth checking that all the add-ons survive the transfer: I think I had to (re-)enable one or two. All in all, though, an easy process.

So much so that I uninstalled FF stable and ESR from my computer.

@orbis - that's interesting.
A bit of work, but i'm sure i can do that.

In the meantime...
Can you explain why Waterfox Portable App will not sync with Mozilla?
Or why it won't in Linux as well?
Is the later a conflict with basic Firefox profile already installed?

Sorry for the rush of questions, but Waterfox support at Reddit is zilch.
I know Alex is probably busy with a zillion things, but... at least a nudge to say, "hey, i'm too busy to answer right now" would be more than welcome.


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