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'We can't compete': Universities are losing AI scientists


It was the case of the missing PhD student.

As another academic year got under way at Imperial College London, a senior professor was bemused at the absence of one of her students. He had worked in her lab for three years and had one more left to complete his studies. But he had stopped coming in.

Eventually, the professor called him. He had left for a six-figure salary at Apple.

“He was offered such a huge amount of money that he simply stopped everything and left,” said Maja Pantic, professor of affective and behavioural computing at Imperial. “It’s five times the salary I can offer. It’s unbelievable. We cannot compete.”
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Publish or Perish?  Compete or Die.  They want prospectives to not look at the money they're being offered.  That's crazy.  They want to put salary caps... that's even crazier.  If you want the people to stay, find a way to pay them.


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