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Print Size "Normal" seems abnormally small

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Can the print size of what is considered Normal be adjusted?

If I capture the entire screen then I would expect the "Normal" setting to take the entire page from left to right, only leaving white space for the margins.

If I capture, just a portion of the entire screen, then I would expect the same ratio to apply.

I always choose "Fit to page".

Thank you for the reply.  I agree that Fit to Page works for the full screen capture.  However, if I do partial screen capture then Fit to Page will zoom the output.

I want the partial screen and the full screen to have the same zoom settings.  You only get this with "Normal", but Normal is too small.

I think i see what you mean -- you are just saying that on Normal print mode, its wasting too much border whitespace in all cases..

Yes.  Exactly!  Thanks.

The Normal print size should be set to minimize white space when doing a full screen print.  Whatever print setting ratio that happens to be, the same should apply to all other Normal outputs.

Of course, all of this is assuming Landscape output.


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