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Purism - Secure devices that protect you rather than exploit you


I recently discovered Purism, a company that makes hardware which runs free/open software specially tuned to remove trackers and analytics and other spyware.

Right now they only sell high-end laptops (15" and 13") which run a Debian variant of Linux, called PureOS, but they recently successfully completed crowdfunding a 5" phone, and are prototyping a laptop-to-tablet convertible device as well.

They all come with hardware killswitches to disable the wifi, camera, microphone, cellular, GPS, etc.

All of the default software is open source (which isn't surprising for a Linux machine) but also privacy-centric, where applicable, which I think is cool.

one should probably read before buying

Good to know. Thanks for pointing that out.

That said, depending on your paranoia level, you are free to run other Linux flavors on the hardware and still take advantage of the hardware killswitches on webcam/mic./wifi, etc.  :Thmbsup:


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