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Metal to metal, big boys style!



First ever fight between mega robots...

Not First...

All right...the bots in your show are human controlled in a similar way as in the movie Real this video actual people are inside these 16 feet robots, weighing several tons, to pilot and fire/use their weaponry.

Still, human controlled is fun too. Admittedly, I never heard of such a show until now.

And I do like to think I'm a fan as I have been watching the BBC version of Robot Wars since it appeared. There was also a US version of that show, but that never "engaged" me as much. In the latest season of the BBC series, there was one bot (Apollo) who managed to defeat all its opponents...and all of the house robots (except for 'Sir-Kill-A-Lot', who weighs 750 kilos and bots in the competition are restricted to about 150 kilos).

I'm just saying it's on the same scale.  Probably to fit within the constraints of TV, they were not in the bots, and more importantly, not at risk.  They built these bots, and had sponsors, and destroyed the other bots.  In a lot of cases, if anyone was in the bot, they would have been hurt or killed.


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