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Some talks from CppCon 2017


I've been watching some of the talks from this years CppCon on YouTube, and mouser encouraged me to post a few links. There are a lot of interesting videos, and if you are interested in C++ programming, I encourage you to check out their channel for other videos. These are just a few picks I found interesting.

* Undefined Behavior in 2017 (part 2) - UB is something everybody who codes in C and C++ must be aware of today
* Postmodern C++ - fun talk
* The Nightmare of Move Semantics for Trivial Classes - example of how even simple things can be insanely complex
* C++ as a "Live at Head" Language - interesting insights into how Google thinks about open source
* Panel “Grill the Committee” - always a good watch
* Learning and Teaching Modern C++ - Bjarne is always worth watching

Thanks for the heads up.  I watched the Undefined Behavior talk -- good stuff.

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