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Civilization 3: Complete is free on Humble Store for approx. the next 2 days.

Redeems on Steam.

Stronghold HD and A.D. 2044 are free on GOG for the next ~48 hours. Just go to their homepage and click the banner to claim them.

GIVEAWAY: For the next 48h, both Stronghold HD and A.D. 2044 are FREE!

Get them through the banner on the front page.

Make sure to grab your copies now - the offer lasts until October 26, 12PM UTC.-
--- End quote ---

How about like the GoG Connect thread, we post all GoG giveaways to this thread so they update?  Just a thought.

That was my intention when I started this topic, which is why I didn't include the names of the games in the thread title. :Thmbsup:

I'm glad doing so helped suggest the idea to others as well. :D My plan is working perfectly! *cackles maniacally*

Another Free Game on Humble: GUNS OF ICARUS ONLINE

Free for 2 days, redeems on Steam


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