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Heads Up: DonationCredits will change from 10 per dollar to 1/1

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As long as I can still give out fractions of a dollar it works for me. I wasn't really confused under the old system but the new one isn't confusing either. If some people had problems then I understand the change may be necessary.

- Oshyan

I think that this simplifies the whole issue and is easier to understand...and find that it's easier to manage...

i think it's easier to understand too.

I have to admit I was confused when the donation credits first were implemented. I was under the impression that 100 credits was $1.00 and not $10.00. Boy, was I pleasantly surprised when I found out otherwise.

I think moving to a 1:1 system will be less confusing to newcomers that might make the same assumption that I did.


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