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Schedulers - Automatize, JIT, Smooth Program, Advanced, Hi-Base

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Steven Avery:

Let's revisit this a bit.  I don't like to bomb out a Eudora download.  Probably the best way to check that is CPU for the program.  Do any of the freewares do that ?  If not, then which unfree is worth the heft ?

Many programs seem to test total CPU.  However, how about individual ?


I looked at Splinterware again, free version. (Remember, I had a bomb-out so I reinstalled clean.)  Pretty simple.  An example of what it does not have is "do these now" (only one at a time).  Or do all in an hour from now.  Still, as a nice automatic daily ccleaner, defrag, backup, etc. it looks very competent.  Gives you a good log file too.

Splinterware has the plus of fairly recent new tweak version, and a forum with mild activity. 


Any other schedule notes ?


Interesting... just saw this thread after your post, and the nncron program looked very tempting.  When I visited the web site, I found that it hasn't been updated since around the time of your first post, in 2008 ;D

Steven Avery:
Advanced Task Scheduler is on Bits Du Jour

I checked my notes about serial #s and saw I have a purchase from 2012 with a logon on their site.  Which worked fine.

The logon tells me all about the purchase, and even makes available the last download that matches the version and also the needed activation code.  I have one activation left (probably used 2).  Still not bad for a program purchased for about $15 on Bits Du Jour, 5 years later.

Only a few companies have it together in that manner.


Do you use ATS currently? Impressions? Looks interesting, although I'm unsure if I actually need the extra features compared to Windows Task Scheduler...

...Only a few companies have it together in that manner. ...
-Steven Avery (October 14, 2017, 12:14 AM)
--- End quote ---
You are right. I too had a 2012 registration via BDJ, and I just now went to the ATS site using the (old) logon ID and password, and Bingo! - all recorded correctly. Impressive, yes, but then I guess that's what computer systems are useful for...    :)


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