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Pi-hole - A black hole for internet advertisements and trackers

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I just discovered, which, with a single command, allows you to set up your Linux installation to block ads.

After that, you can configure your router to use Pi-hole as your DNS to block all ads on every device on your network. Combined with a VPN into your home network, this allows even your mobile device(s) to browse ad-free from anywhere.

I found it super simple to set up on my Odroid C1 (a Raspberry Pi 2-like device) and look forward to seeing it in practice more.

More details in the video above and at their website:

It's been running for about 10 minutes and it has already blocked some ads and even Microsoft's (or more specifically, Windows 10's) telemetry traffic. :Thmbsup:

Thanks for sharing. Please keep us posted about any snags you might encounter.

It comes with a nice web admin console with some quick statistics. So here's a shot of statistics for the past ~20 hours:

Pi-hole - A black hole for internet advertisements and trackers

The blue area on the graph represents the percentage of all DNS requests which were blocked by Pi Hole. As you can see from the large numbers at the top, about 75% of all requests are being blocked.

I had installed the pi hole software on my Odroid the night before I posted about it here, but hadn't yet configured my router to use it for DNS lookups. According to my previous post in this thread, it seems I hooked it up at around the 18:00 marker on the graph, so even though it says those are my 24 hour stats, as mentioned above, it's really only showing about 20 hours of actual usage.

Pi Hole blocks ads, trackers, telemetry, etc. No troubles so far. :Thmbsup: But I kind of wonder how badly my entire LAN will fail if my Odroid somehow goes down and thus my router can't connect to it for DNS lookups. :-\

What about sites what detect ad-blockers and demand you disable your add-on blocker for access that sites.
It is easy to add sites to whitelist?
The sites detect Pi-Hole as their detect Adblocker or UBlock Origin?


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