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USB HDD enclosure or what?

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I took another look at the drive, and it's IDE, so looks like I need a dock with that capability. Sharkoon does seem like the way to go. Now I just hope the drive isn't completely dead... Come to think of it, I've got an old WD MyBook that doesn't start, so I might be able to get the drive out from that as well.

Thanks for the suggestions, I knew I could count on the good old DonationCoder forum!

edit: I ordered the Sharkoon DriveLink Combo USB 3.0 - Not as elegant as the dock solutions, but this was cheaper and it's something that'll probably stay in a drawer and be called upon only when needed.

Worked like a charm! And to my surprise the drive still works. I backed it up and can take a nostalgic look at my 2004 computer. Apparently I had gathered quite the collection of digital mess already...

Thanks again!

Now it's time to dig up a few other lost drives...

Good to hear it  :Thmbsup:


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