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Disabling autoplaying videos in Chrome goes viral

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The power is a group technique.

So I'm afraid that when the order is going to come, little but active pieces of the system will only have one option : obey.

Specially when the command comes from corporations that don't represent the people.

Ejem. I am reading Why Socialism by Albert Einstein about the predatory phase and all that. Are we in that phase ?


The question still remains, however...

It puzzles me that so many sites seem to think that annoying people is the best way to endear themselves to their audience, but even I hadn’t realized just how annoying people find it.

Why do sites insist on annoying their visitors?-wraith808 (October 05, 2017, 12:38 PM)
--- End quote ---

I think the answer to this is similar to why so-called "free to play" games have become so popular (and annoying!) over the past few years. The games themselves are "free" for anyone to play but generally are severely limited or hampered in some way (often by making players wait N hours before they can perform an action vital to gameplay/progression). These games also offer in-app purchases (IAPs) which buy consumable items that players can use to (temporarily) remove or bypass these limitations which objectively improves their experience with the game (meaning the game is designed to suck for everyone who isn't paying anything). The fact that these items are consumable (meaning they can only be used once per purchase) and their effects are only temporary, this encourages players to repeatedly buy more and more. These types of games don't care much about the freeloaders, which make up the vast majority of their players. They only need to capture a few so-called "whales" who end up spending hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars on these consumable IAPs.

I suppose that many sites have a similar philosophy: Quantity over quality. Get your message out to as many people as possible in an effort to capture the few who "fall for it" and give them money. And who cares what happens to all the rest.

I thought wraith808 - and then Mouser in the second post - was referring to auto-play videos that are the site's content, not necessarily advertisements. And just in case they weren’t, I'll jump on that complaint! Websites that set their own videos to auto-play. Also, videos that automatically jump to infinite other videos after the first end. And finally... embedded video players that are set for maximum volume and have no user volume control available!

Grrrr..  getting me worked up here!



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