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Duolingo alternatives (learning english)


This morning I finished the Duolingo english course.
I thought that when finished will begin another with more contents. But now I only can learn other languages.
I have 5083 EXP and 73% fluency or something similar.
I lack for more material. I am studying english quotes (Albert Einstein is the first).
Also try to write in this forum is an importance practice.
Reading books and searching for words with dictionary.exe ( The information by Martin Amis was the first , and recently finished Fear and Tremblings by Amelie Nothomb)
The word of the day from several web pages.  [1] [2][3][4]
The forum I am using some years ago is WordReference

I would like additionally something free and interactive or easy.


Other resources I am using are :
Mobysaurus Thesaurus (you can download in DC)
WordWeb free edition
Learning English reading The Bible
and two dictionaries that came with the kindle ebook device.

And the most important tool I need :

English Grammar with testing. That I can select a special feature and go deep.
Basically I need now a lot more of theory. English Grammar Free Trainer. Practice English Grammar.  :-*


Duolingo alternatives (learning english)


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