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A quick post related to Deep Mind AI Alpha Zero

I know next to nothing about it, but there was a match between the Stockfish engine and Alpha Zero. What's very interesting about it is that Alpha Zero seems to be a lot more creative than Stockfish -- leading to speculation that the whole 'engine' style of chess play is maybe not the right way (and leads to a lot of draws).

Here a couple of videos about one game:

on impulse, I searched for somewhere I could simply play chess against myself -
I found:

They offered a 'cpu' option -- me against my own cpu maybe?
I lost the first badly, and they didnt even play particularly well.
The second game I won in 11 moves, which of course confirms that I'm a natural genius and should really have started playing chess at a younger age. It was interesting for me to notice myself getting defensive in the game, then thinking, they have a weakness: go for that weakness.

Proceeded to lose the next few games -- replayed one up to where I screwed up, allowed the cpu to take over and did reasonably well after. But it's clear the engine I'm playing against is really bad. It is a nice way for me to start -- I mean it's encouraging, but leads to a few questions:

1) any better site I can play where I can choose the level I am playing against?

2) is there any site or programme I can feed the moves into and it will allow me to replay the game by simply pressing a play button?

Here my immortal ;-) as copied form above site:
Spoiler1. d2 d4 d7 d5 2. c1 g5 b8 c6 3. e2 e3 c8 f5 4. f1 d3 f5 d3 5. d1 d3 b7 b5 6. g1 f3 b5 b4 7. d3 b5 g8 f6 8. b5 c6 f6 d7 9. c6 d5 f7 f5 10. f3 e5 c7 c5
11. d5 f7


Back to the Chess Thread!

Lots of stuff going on in the chess world!

THE big news is the official tournament to pick the next world championship challenger is going on. This is THE point of professional chess - we can squabble all day with our ratings up and down, if you're really good, you get one of the Master titles, but then there's Masters, lots and lots of them!

World Championship ... that's THE Presidency of chess. (ignore a weird period of about a decade around 1998-2006)

So go find coverage!

And also more later, but that Canadian Chessbrah team is really starting to get some footing! Maybe try one of their coverages!



That's how it's done.
(see my other thread, Insight can't be on a timeline)
I spent five hours yesterday deep overhauling my home library, that freed up the side furniture unit, the living room table was freed up 3 weeks ago for my first ever in home game party, the left side unit got freed up so people can put coats etc there,

... and I *have room for a dedicated chess study zone!" (Must not spoil it with "ordinary" projects - that's what the side of the bed, the top of the microwave, the corner of the floor, the top of the printer, and both desks are for!!)

...And I have the printout of Grandmaster Yasser Seirawan's older chess games, AND Yasser has OG creds in the chess world, so that White Hot Canadian Chessbrah crew pulled him in, and he's doing commentaries on the most important chess tournament of the year RIGHT now ...

And for only about the *second* time in his life, Phoeni has a *dedicated chess study space* with a GOERGOUS table and the living room couch no longer has laundry on it...


And the Thunder Voiced Idina Menzel extracted her song from Kid's Knockoff Toy hell, and here is the Disney 60th Anniversary rendition of Let It Go!

Yeah, I'm still watching chess -- and have been enjoying the canditates.

Btw Tao, if there was a prize for obscurity, you would win it :P

That's how it's done.
(see my other thread, Insight can't be on a timeline)
-TaoPhoenix (March 25, 2018, 12:19 PM)
--- End quote ---

and who are the Canadian chessbrahs?
Any chance of a link?


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