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I am thinking in chess.
Is a mental sport. So I will practice in my sport area.
That is simple. While deciding the next move I will excercise with the hands and feets in front of the tactile screen.

I will a photo to clarify this and make clear how before 30.10.2017 my weight will be less than 90 kilograms.

Who will gain the party ?

-Contro (October 08, 2017, 05:26 AM)
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Well fidgeting with your hands isn't necessarily efficient exercise!

Many scientists agree you have more energy to play if you are in shape, but you have to concentrate first! Otherwise you make a bad move, lose the game, then get lots of exercise punching pillows!


We can't have everything.
But play only chess is a high price to pay.

So :


Only two additional rules :

1. No limit time to play.
2. Excersize with weights while thinking.

I am reading entire books by now with this method.

"Mens sana in corpore sano"



So what'cha got going tomos?

And do ya ever wanna visit the DC chat to talk chess!?

do ya ever wanna visit the DC chat to talk chess!?
-TaoPhoenix (October 13, 2017, 10:17 PM)
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will try during the week

So, semi bumping this thread. was laughable about three years ago, then they managed to get some cash flowing, and have started hosting blitz championships with the elite grandmasters (GM) and really scored a coup when they got arguably the second best bullet super speed GM on the planet, Hikaru Nakamura, starting new stream games live with commentary and he SO knows what he's doing. (World Champion Magnus Carlsen is actually quite terrifying in his own right, but tends not to play online.)

It's a nice change of pace because what used to happen is talented enough grandmasters basically ground down with the brutal effort curve at that level, because somewhere on the run up if you're good enough to start edging past low master in talent, it stops being a fun hobby! 0.o

Put another way, anyone about two grades up above me can "snap" a good game against hobbyists, but then they start nudging up against the pros. So then they retire from actually playing, and join the ranks of instructors and lately, web commentators.

So it's nice to see the blitz championships with all the legit players, and Hikaru is just something to behold. The funniest of all is "people" are starting to create some cultural growth in the game - a quite talented GM from Canada named Eric Hansen collected a few more titled masters under the "brand" "Chessbrahs" and their streams are fun because they slide into low R rating for language, which chess desperately needs to stop being stodgy.

So then the epic grudge matches between Eric Hansen and Hikaru Nakamura "Naka" are next level commentary. On a few occasions the "visiting masters" (Hikaru plays a few other masters online in his shows) have even left the audio stream on and Hikaru explains how he's going to win ON THE FLY.

"Oh, yeah, he's trying to put his knight there, he began trying to set that up a couple moves ago, but it's not going to work because he forgot I have Knight h5, then Rook Takes Knight Takes Queen Check Queen takes Rook takes, takes takes, push, and then he can't stop my pawn. So I'm just waiting for him to resign while I run him out of time on the clock. So hello you guys in the chat...."



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