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Any Chess lovers here?
I just know the *very* basics of chess, but have started watching and really enjoying a YT chess channel:
ChessNetwork -- I particularly enjoy his analysis of famous chess games.

Also discovered a great site ( where you can 'replay' a game e.g.
Nigel Short vs Jan Timman -- "A Long Walk Off a Short Peer"

Related video from ChessNetwork:

I like Chess !!!!!!

What is the best free chess software ?


Note : The video is wonderful !

Mouser tipped me off to this!

I'm pretty up on chess lately. I play decently well, so maybe tomos and contro we have to cajole you guys to visit the DC chat.

I'm far from clear how we only about about eight regular chatters out of all of DC but maybe 2018 (with this a New Chatters for the New Year NCNY ) new thing could be cool.

I live on an alternating 18 hour day and Australian time, and mouser is famous for his 3am "good mornings" and "Happy lunch" at 5pm.

So both of those topics are things I could rampage on for 1000 words!

I'm pretty up on chess lately.
-TaoPhoenix (September 27, 2017, 05:25 PM)
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hi Tao, do you have any sites to recommend?
Do you play online?

What is the best free chess software ?
-Contro (September 27, 2017, 03:54 PM)
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Arena looks nice.
I suspect it is what is used in the video above -- but amn't sure about that.



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