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Albert Einstein . Why Socialism ?

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This could be a potentially interesting political discussion.
Probably needs some more definition of terms first though.
There's quite a good summary here: The History of Socialism - Wikipedia, including Marxism and its offshoot, Leninism, etc., though the differences between pure/applied hegemonic and non-hegemonic approaches seem to be not too well covered.

For the relevant economic theory/practice there are numerous articles one can find on the subject of Keynesian economics (also textbooks) and the methods and successes of Communist command-and-control economics - and good examples of the latter in the shape of the USSR (post economic collapse) and China (post Mao's Revolutionary approach). Some very interesting YouTube videos on the USSR approach too, with commentary (some in Russian, with English subtitles) from people who survived it and experienced it first-hand as members of the aparatchnik.

The historical work and notable achievements of the main European socialist parties are worth studying also. Some people (not me, you understand) might say that one of the greatest exemplars was arguably the progressive National Socialist German Workers' Party during 1920 to 1945, but I couldn't possibly comment.


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