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private/public topical start page- quick neat - iPad Safari "Add to Home Screen"


Steven Avery:
On the ipad you can quickly make a visual friendly topical page, with your own description with 20 variable, and any of those can group many inside, and you got the bottom six (these numbers may vary by iOS OS#).

You go into Safari and add pages to Home Screen, (also you can intermix Apps). You are limited about 13 pages total, and there is no index, and this is only on the one ipad, there is no way to share, or have a url.

Still, I don't know anything as nice in Protopages, NetVibes, Symbaloo. 
Actually Symbaloo might get close, no groupings and a bit small.

What do you like to make up a quick page on a topic.
e.g. This might be a health topic, Bible, conspiracy and social, tech, anything.

You want to be done in 5-10 minutes, maybe have a note or two if possible on mouse-over or finger-over, look nice so your friends will use, and a sub-grouping feature like on iPad would be nice, and there must be a public url direct possibility.  Also you should be able to modify (a problem on iPad, you have to do a do-over for an individual rather than text, although you can move around the page.)



Steven Avery:
Maybe a Pinterest or Flipboard page?  Hmmmm..  That might be a reasonable try.  I am looking for something the other people will enjoy using.


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