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NANY 2018 Mug/T-Shirt Design Competition

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Hello all artists and designers!

Each year, DonationCoder runs a programming challenge called New Apps for the New Year, or NANY. It's a celebration of programming and encourages coders to provide some new app, tool, utility, game, etc., to the world, free of charge. Anyone who submits an app to NANY is rewarded with a commemorative mug or t-shirt which has a fun design on it. There has always been a standard design, which looks like this:

NANY 2018 Mug/T-Shirt Design Competition
(Click to enlarge)

But there has often been an alternate design to set that NANY's event apart from the others. In addition to seeing all the new apps being released each year, one of my favorite things about NANY is seeing the fun new alternate design each year. As someone who has participated in a few of the past NANY events, I have to admit that having an alternate design I liked has often been a motivator for me to submit something. Sadly, the past couple of years there haven't been alternate designs. So after seeing mouser express his desire for an alternate design this year, I approached him with the idea of holding some kind of competition to solicit submissions. He agreed, and this is the result.

This design competition aims to make sure we have an alternate design to be offered alongside the traditional design. Some of the details are still being hashed out, but here's what we have so far:

* We want to find one alternate design for the NANY 2018 mug and t-shirt.
* The design must include:

* The words "" (without quotes)
* The words "NANY 2018" (without quotes)
* Our mascot, Cody (the bird)
* Artists can submit as many entries as they would like by the deadline (tentatively set for December 1, 2017). These entries can be rough drafts/sketches.
* We will hold a forum poll, wherein previous NANY coders get to choose the winning design.
* The winner of the design competition will receive $75, and gives us permission to use the design. (We may require the design to be licensed CC BY-SA 4.0 or similar. Exact license TBD.)
* If the winning design was just a sketch, the winner must submit a finished design before the end of NANY 2018 (potentially to be used in apps, the website, and of course for the mugs/t-shirts), which is January 1, 2018.
* We may award $25 as runner-up prizes for other images if they can be used for other website purposes.
* The father of Cody, nudone, will receive $75 since we have used his images (and the likeness of Cody) for all these years without paying him anything.
The design for the mug must be 1662x600 or larger. We can use the same image for the t-shirt, or a larger, square image. Artists should feel free to make a larger image with the t-shirt in mind which can then have less important parts cropped out to fit the dimensions for the mug.

Some previous designs and other art to give artists ideas:

* Previous alternate NANY designs.
* DonationCoder & Cody themed art compilation thread
If you have any questions, comments, submissions, or other feedback, this is the place for it. Please let me know if I left anything out or if I can assist in any way.

Thanks for posting this Deo!  :Thmbsup: :Thmbsup:

Deo and I talked about this idea for a while and he generously agreed to run with the idea.  Please help us spread the word.

Is there any Cody psd, svg? I clicked on a couple of those threads linked but asking here ...

Here's a model sheet nudone made a while ago:
NANY 2018 Mug/T-Shirt Design Competition

And here's an original Adobe Illustrator file for a past NANY mug:


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