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NANY 2018 Release: Gowser, a Gopher browser


NANY 2018 Entry Information
Application Name Gowser Short Description A simple Gopher browser Supported OSes Compiled for Windows, would probably compile on *ix though Web Page (currently, source only) System Requirements
* Binary: Windows.
* Source: Probably, Linux/Unix with GTK+ and Windows.Version History
* 20171104: init. DC build, may or may not break.Author
'member Gopher? I 'member.
Why is Gopher Still Relevant?


* Gowser will browse Gopher.
* Can make me procrastinate working on ymarks.
Planned Features

* Support for image and sound files.
* Support for Gopher's killer feature: searches.
* Bookmarks.
NANY 2018 Release: Gowser, a Gopher browser

Unrar. Open the .exe. Enjoy.

Using the Application
Enter a Gopher URL.

Remove the extracted .exe file.

Known Issues

* Most of plain Gopher works, media files (images and sound files) don't (yet). As they rarely occur, I decided to postpone their implementation.
* The one big advantage of Gopher towards HTTP is that you can easily search it. Maybe some day Gowser will support that, but it currently does not.
* This build creates a debug log. If you experience crashes, you can send it to me or something.
* There are crashes. Sorry.


Thanks, but I think there is a lot to be desired:

* Toolbar- Back, Forward, Refresh, etc;
* Tabs;
* Bookmarks;
* History;
* Icon (embedded in the executable and title bar);
but I am afraid that implementing these features would severely exceed the initial purpose for this program.

It seems that Gowser uses Internet Explorer.

For Gopher I use OverbiteFF (available at Mozilla add-ons)- it works with Firefox (prior to version 57) and SeaMonkey.


Yes. (All of it, except:

It seems that Gowser uses Internet Explorer.
-smaragdus (December 02, 2017, 08:22 PM)
--- End quote ---

^ this depends on the OS. Gowser's GUI is wrapped over whatever is native.)

FYI: I had planned to write an Android version of Gowser for NANY '19. However, there already is an awesome Gopher client for Android which is exactly what I would have written:

FYI (2): There will not be a new Gowser version. The next version of what was Gowser will be a rewrite with a radically different approach and a lot of additional features.


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