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Looking for alternative for wallet.

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Right now I have a regular bifold leather wallet. It gets the job done, but I just ran across this small Magic the Gathering 30 card deck box ( I think its like a promo box or something.) I don't usually carry cash, just cards. Including my driver's license, I have 12 cards (which admittedly, I don't need some of the cards). I like how small the box is, and it holds all 12 of the cards perfectly, with a little extra room left (if I wanted to carry some cash I suppose.) I can fit it comfortably in the same pocket that I keep my phone in.(Note 8 ), and I can also keep it in the pocket that I keep my wifi hotspot in(a bulky, weather resistant at&t one). I can't do that with my actual wallet, because it is too bulky. The only thing I don't like about this box, is it is made of cardboard, and I'm pretty sure that after one night at work (I'm an overnight stocker at a retail store) the box will most likely be a crushed and beat up. So those of you that are still with me here, what I am looking for is something similar to this small box that is either made of plastic, fabric, or leather (doesn't have to be real leather.) It also doesn't have to be an actual wallet with individual slots for each card. I just want something small that I can keep in my front pocket with my hotspot, so I am no longer sitting on a bulky wallet.
Looking for alternative for wallet.
this is what the box looks like, however mine is blue, and has different artwork on it.

Interesting question. Can you explain what you need.

I don't understand finally what you need. What is the wallet ?

I see a book.

Thats actually not a book, just a bad picture. It was the first picture of the product that I found on the internet. Basically what I am looking for is something about the size of a pack of playing cards, however made out of something stronger than cardboard.


Perhaps you'll find a model you like at one of these links. :)

I've gone in the opposite direction.  After a lifetime of carrying a wallet and no cell phone, I have finally given in to reality and now carry a cell phone instead of a wallet.  I bought a cell phone case that can carry my id and a couple of credit cards, and use a money clip in another pocket for cash.

I miss having my wallet, but practicality demanded the change.


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